Fejringen af Tibet Charitys 20 års jubilæum: NY DATO og STED

Torsdag 16. nov. 2017 kl. 19.30-21.30
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TC Indien


3rd session of Tibet Charity Education Section commences

The third and final session of Tibet Charity Education Section commenced from 4th September 2017.

A simple opening function was organised during which Ms Tenzin Tsephel, the Coordinator of the Education Section, welcomed all the volunteers who have come here to teach English and French to the students of Tibet Charity. Most of our students are newcomers from Tibet but we also have students from different Asian countries. There are some students from the Himalayan region of India.

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Tibet Charity India september 2017



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Massage Camp at Norbulingka

The Healthcare Section of Tibet Charity organised a massage camp on the 22nd August as requested by the staff of Norbulingka Institute.

This request has been put up by the administration at Norbulinga Institute as most of the staff working there are engaged in daylong manual works which puts great deal of strain on their muscles and back. The staff have reported considerable relief after receiving such massages from the trained masseur of our healthcare section.

42 people with varying joint and muscular pains received massage on the day.

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Tibet Charity India august 2017



TC Indien


World Hepatitis Day Observed

The Health Section of Tibet Charity observed World Hepatitis Day on 28th July 2017. Ms Jigme Choekyi used powerpoint presentations and video to educate the public regarding the spread, risk factor, symptoms and treatment of the disease. The presentation concluded after answering the questions from the audience.

It may be mentioned here that Hepatitis B is one major reason for the cause of death among the Tibetans. It is therefore imperative we take this issue more seriously and takes necessary steps to avoid the spread of the disease in the community.

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Tibet Charity India juli 2017



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Workshop on Nutrition Organised

One day Workshop on Nutrition was organised at Tibet Charity on 24th July to spread the word about healthy eating.

Volunteers Dr Giza from Mexico and nutritionist Teresa from the USA gave instruction on the food groups, how the body metabolizes food & what food choices to make to maintain health and avoid chronic illness with special emphasis on Hypertension, Diabetes, Cholesterol and Gout.

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Tibet Charity India juli 2017



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ABC Camp at Rewalsar and Chauntra concluded successfully

The Animal Care Section of Tibet Charity successfully concluded Animal Birth Control (ABC) and Anti-Rabies Vaccination (A-R V) Camp at Rewalsar and Chauntra.

The team first went to Rewalsar where hoped to sterilize at least 150 dogs with support from the local administration and the public. But unfortunately our team received very poor support from the local community because of which we had to cut short our program there. In spite of the difficulties, our team stayed there for 5 days during which time they sterilized 35 dogs out of which 26 were females and 9 males.

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Tibet Charity India juni 2017



TC Indien


World Blood Donors Day

Every year on the 14th of June, countries around the world celebrate World Blood Donors Day. This event celebration was first started in the year 2004 aiming to raise the public awareness about the need for safe blood donation voluntarily and unpaid by the healthy person.

Tibet Charity observed the World Blood Donors Day on 14th of June. The day was celebrated by organizing a camp in the main square of Mcloed Ganj.

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Tibet Charity India juni 2017



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Body Massage Camp

Health section of Tibet Charity organized a two day massage camp in collaboration with Mrs Izumi Egawa from Japan.The massage camp was conducted at Norbulinka clinic on 29th and 30th of May.

In total 49 people came for the massage, 17 on the first and 32 on the second day. The major complaint of the people who came for the massage were pains related to knee, joint, neck and back, and then they were given massage accordingly.

The camp was a success and it got positive response from all the people, who came for the massage.

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Tibet Charity India maj 2017



TC Indien


1st Semester of Language Classes Ends

30/05/2017: A simple closing function marked end of the first semester of Tibet Charity language classes. The function was attended by the volunteers, students, and the staff of Tibet Charity.

... The volunteers then took turn to share their experience. They all expressed their joy for the opportunity they had in meeting the wonderful and enthusiastic students of Tibet Charity. They were of the opinion that they learnt much more than what they taught. Some of the teachers became emotional when they explained how much they are going to miss the students.

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Tibet Charity India maj 2017



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Shoe Distribution Program

In the month of April, as an activity of its Social Development sector Tibet Charity distributed shoes amongst some of the elderly and underprivileged of McLeodGanj.

These individuals consisted of people who were in much need of this basic necessity. With funds partially provided by St. John Ambulance and funds from Tibet Charity, 20 pairs of shoes were distributed.

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Tibet Charity India forår 2017



TC Indien


Acupuncture Camp at Tsuklakhang

Tibet Charity organized a 2-day acupuncture camp at Tsuklakhang in McLeodGanj on the 27th and 28th of April. The charity hosted a team of visiting practitioners from the CEDRE institute in France, training in traditional Chinese medicine including acupuncture.

The team was led by Patrick Shan and included fellow teachers and a number of students including doctors implementing their training in Western medicine and students specialising entirely in traditional Chinese healing techniques.

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Tibet Charity India forår 2017



TC Indien


World Health Day at Tibet Charity

7th April, 2017 is a day that is celebrated across the world as World Health Day. On this occasion, Tibet Charity was keen to observe this important day, and to that extent marked the day by conducting a workshop presided over by Mrs. Jacquie Kilty, a professional psychologist. She instructed students on the nature of depression and how to identify it. The possible symptoms and the most helpful solutions were also discussed during the course of this workshop.

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Tibet Charity India forår 2017



TC Indien


ABC and A-R Camp at Paonta Sahib

The Animal Care Section of Tibet Charity organized the Second 13-day Animal Birth Control (ABC) and Anti-Rabies (A-R) camp for the street dogs at Paonta Sahib, a small town in the North Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, from 10th to 23rd of April, 2017. It was initiated with a simple opening ceremony on 10th April, 2017 which was attended by various dignitaries from around the town.

After the grand success of the previous year’s ABC and A-R Camp, the prime objective of this camp was to ensure that regular checks are maintained on the health of the stray dogs and that they were being regularly vaccinated. The team stayed at Paonta Sahib for two weeks during which time they helped sterilize up to 150 stray dogs and vaccinate even more.

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Tibet Charity India forår 2017



TC Indien


First semester of 2017 settles in

News report about the first semester of 2017 at the Tibet Charity Education Section in Dharamsala India.

Tibet Charity India forår 2017



TC Indien


Årsrapport fra TC-India Director
April 2016 - March 2017

The Tibet Charity organization has been serving the community in exile since 1997. The office of Tibet Charity in India was opened in 2005.

Excluding the projects carried out by Tibet Charity in Denmark in direct collaboration with Central Tibetan Administration since 1997, Tibet Charity India has developed innovative projects for the betterment of the community in exile.

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Tibet Charity India Directors fulde årsrapport på engelsk maj 2017



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Tibet Charity har vundet pris for samfundsmæssig tjeneste

Under det allerførste generelle møde for alle NGO’ere og institutioner under det tibetanske bosættelseskontor i Dharamsala, blev Tibet Charity India tildelt en pris for Ekstraordinær Social tjeneste for lokalsamfundet. LHA, en anden nødhjælpsorganisation i Dharamsala, var den anden modtager af prisen.

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Udgivet på www.tibetcharity.in december 2016



Oversat fra festskrift
TC India 10 år


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December 2014 / Januar 2015

Bragt i et festtidsskrift, TC India har lavet i forbindelse med deres 10 års fødselsdag, "TIBET CHARITY Celebrating 10 years of service of a nation in exile" (2014)



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Tsering Thundup, direktør for Tibet Charity Indien, fylder 50 år 12. marts 2015

Af Sten Melson.

Tsering Thundup blev født 12. marts 1965 i Tibet, blot 3 dage inden hans forældre krydsede grænsen til Tibet og emigrerede til Indien med den lillle nyfødte og hans storesøster.

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En kop Lakha-kaffe og en Lama-kage i øjenhøjde

Af Martin Wendeboe, redaktionen Tibet Charity, december 2014. Artiklen er skrevet til Tibet Charitys medlemsblad.

„På en regnfuld og lun sensommerdag i august fik jeg en god kop kaffe, en dejlig kage og en berigende snak med Lakha Lama på adressen i Søborg …“

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Sponsorsager – indblik og overblik

Af Krestina Africa, december 2010. Artiklen er skrevet til Tibet Charitys medlemsblad.

Her kan du læse om vores sponsorater, hvad pengene går til og hvorfor det er så vigtigt at støtte tibetanere i eksil.

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Øst møder Vest og Himalaya kommer til Hellerup

Af Lise Hjorth, 2010

Hvad betyder dit navn egentligt? spørger jeg Bhuti. Gid jeg var blevet en dreng, svarer hun. Jeg er inviteret til at besøge Dr. Bhuti Losang, tibetansk læge, i hendes hyggelige hjem i Hellerup.

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Hjemløs i 50 år

Af T.D. Lakha Lama, stifter af samt mangeårig bestyrelsesformand for Tibet Charity, 2009.
Skrevet i anledning af 50 året for Lakha Lama’s og mange andre tibetaneres flugt.

I år er det 50 år siden, at H.H. Dalai Lama og over 100.000 tibetanere blev hjemløse. Jeg var selv blandt de første tibetanske flygtninge der krydsede de sneklædte Himalayabjerge og nåede grænsen til Indien lige efter H.H. Dalai Lama en kold martsdag i 1959, kun lige akkurat med livet i behold.

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World Peace Prayer

Sunget af Lakha Lama.
Fra cd’en Tibetan Peace Prayer

Indre ro

H.H. Dalai Lama.
Fra Dalai Lama dvd’en


H.H. Dalai Lama.
Fra Dalai Lama dvd’en


Tilbageblik på Tibet Charity’s aktiviteter de første 10 år:

10 års jubilæumsskrift 2007

Der var gået ti år, siden Tibet Charity startede. Foreningen var vokset støt - og havde også dengang bl.a. holdt fast ved, at hjælpen til tibetanerne skal formidles ubeskåret, og at bestyrelsen selv betaler egne udgifter. Tag med på en rejse gennem de første farverige ti år ...

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H.H. Dalai Lama

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